How To Disassemble a Laptop

Tutorial 6 - Removing the cooling fan



How to disassemble a laptop? This series of video tutorials coming from codeandwine continue. In this video tutorial Koza continues to disassemble the Dell Inspiron N4110 also known as the Dell 14R by removing the cooling fan. You are walked step by step on how to do so. Replacing it or putting the fan back is not shown, as it is the reverse procedure. Eventhough, written instructions are provided. For the written content of what was basically done in the removal of the Dell's cooling fan, view information below.

Materials Needed

Things to do

  1. Make sure you have removed the connection of vga port to the motherboard
  2. Ensure cooling fan's connection to the motherboard is set free
  3. Remove "hidden screw" that is holding the fan
  4. From left hand side, push gently to the right and up to release fan


  1. Get your new fan and set back in the area the same the previous one was set in
  2. Screw the one screw that secures the fan
  3. Connect fan to motherboard
  4. Connect VGA port's connection back to motherboard.