How To Disassemble a Laptop

Tutorial 8 - Removing/Replacing HDD



How to disassemble a laptop? A series of video tutorials coming from codeandwine. In this video tutorial Koza continues to disassemble a Dell Inspiron N4110 also known as the Dell 14R, by removing and replacing the Hard Disk Drive. Step by step explanations are given then shown. For the written content for the removal and replacement of the HDD, view information below.

Materials Needed

Things to do

  1. Remove the screw that is holding Hard Drive on the motherboard
  2. Place screw in a seperate area of small screws
  3. Gently push out HDD from its placing in motherboard.
  4. Set motherboard aside and unscrew the screws holding the Hard Drive unto the casing. These are labeled 1, 2 , 3, 4.
  5. Place these fat screws near previously removed small screw


  1. Bring your new Hard Drive
  2. Place Hard Disk Drive in casing with the holes of the case matching the holes in the HDD
  3. Screw the four screws to hold Hard Disk Drive
  4. Place Gently on motherboard and push into the SATA connection to lock HDD
  5. Screw the small screw to hold Hard Disk Drive on motherboard