How To Disassemble a Laptop

Tutorial 4 - Removing/Replacing Keyboard



How to disassemble a laptop? The series of video tutorials coming from continues. In this video tutorial Koza follows the disassembling of the laptop by removing the keyboard of the Dell Inspiron N4110 also known as the Dell 14R. Step by step explanations are given then shown in the video. Putting back the keyboard is also shown, in case replacement is taking place. For the written content of what was basically done in the removal and or replacing of keyboard, view information below.

Materials Needed

Things to do

  1. Open main leaf of the portable computer as if you are going to use it.
  2. Using the flat edged plastic tool, pop the four pins of the keyboard
  3. Use fingers or the flat edge to lever out the keyboard gently. Pins will "pop" when doing so
  4. Gently turn around to remove connection to the motherboard before fully releasing


  1. Get your new keyboard for the Dell Inspiron N4110
  2. Place horizontally so that connection is available
  3. Open port for connection, place in so that it looks flush (and not slanted)
  4. Close port to secure connection.
  5. Place back keyboard with under pins going in first.
  6. Press down the top part so the top pins click closed