How To Disassemble a Laptop

Tutorial 2 - Removing/Replacing Memory



How to disassemble a laptop? A series of video tutorials coming from In this video tutorial Koza continues series by removing the removing the memory of a Dell Inspiron N4110 also known as the Dell 14R. Step by step explanations are given then shown. How to replace the DDR memory cards on the Dell Inspiron is also demonstrated. For the written content of what was basically done in the removal and replacement of the memory, view information below.

Materials Needed

Things to do

  1. Remove the screw that holds the memory area cover
  2. Find the pins that hold each DDR3 memory card. Push these to the sides
  3. When memory cards pop out - remove gently and set aside


  1. In case of replacement: Gather your new DDR3 memory cards
  2. Gather your new DDR3 memory cards
  3. Always ensure compatibility of these
  4. Find the "crack" in the card and match it with the port on the laptop
  5. Insert so that it fits flush
  6. Press down gently until the pins click in the side holes
  7. Repeat process for the next memory card
  8. On achieving these steps, screw cover back and press down so the pins click

Relevant Information

The maximum amount of memory this specific laptop can take is 8 GB of memory. At the store you might get it with 4 or 6 but its capacity is limited to an upgrade of 8 Gigs total.