How To Disassemble a Laptop

Tutorial 1 - Removing/Replacing Battery



How to disassemble a laptop? A series of video tutorials on how to dismantle a laptop coming from codeandwine. In this video tutorial Koza continues disassembling a Dell Inspiron N4110 also known as the Dell 14R. Step by step explanations are given then shown. The focus of this tutorial is on how to remove the wireless card from the laptop and putting it back. For the written content of what was shown and done in the removal and replacing of the wireless card, view information below.

Materials Needed

Things to do

  1. Remove wiring connections coming from screen.
  2. Remove screw holding wireless card on the I/O circuit board
  3. Card should pop out by itself. Gently remove it and place it in open table space
  4. Do not place anything heavy on top of the wireless card.


  1. Follow the opening section on wireless card. Match this with entrance on I/O circuit board
  2. Press wireless card down gently and screw the screwdriver to hold this in place
  3. Connect the wires coming from screen to the wireless card